Bachir & Associates



Clients come to us to help them resolve challenges and address issues – they want jargon-free advice and recommendations that will lead to answers and results. Many of the matters we tackle require an innovative or bespoke approach. For us this is normal. We often work with entrepreneurs and clients who are doing something for which there is no precedent. These are circumstances in which we excel.

When we describe our approach as partner-led, we mean it. We provide an expert, personalised service in which our partners, many of them leaders in their fields, have a very high degree of engagement. We find this approach delivers clear advantages to our clients and helps us to build and maintain stronger, closer relationships.

We understand the commercial imperatives driving our clients and we recognise their need for clear, unambiguous and jargon-free advice and recommendations. Our focus is on helping them to get the job done by delivering practical cost-effective advice and outcomes.